I first caught the jazz/funk trio Soulive a decade ago at a club in New York City that is probably long closed (seriously, I can’t remember what the name of the place was). I’d heard their “Doin’ Something” album (and bought it subsequently), and they turned the place out in a live setting. Unfortunately, I’ve bought subsequent albums and with a few exceptions (the Dave Matthews-assisted “Joyful Girl”, probably their best-known song), all they’ve done is reinforce how much better they are live. “Rubber Soulive”, their latest album (and a collection of Beatles covers, if you haven’t already figured it out) is pleasant enough, but it doesn’t change my opinion that the Soulive experience is best enjoyed in concert (and they’re coming to Boston on New Year’s Eve, if I’m not mistaken, so maybe I’ll get a chance to prove that theory once again).

Ah, yes. I reviewed the album on Popdose. Please do check it out!

…and also, make sure you’re checking out Popdose for intelligent commentary on music, TV, movies and pop culture. I’m very happy to be a member of that team.

Many (if not all) of them are also featured on this site’s blogroll, but make sure you are checking out these great music sites as well!! No shade-this is the blogging equivalent of finding out who a musician you like listens to for inspiration-or something like that.

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