If you’re like me on a Friday night, you’re probably sitting in a bar somewhere, sipping on lukewarm cheap beer and hoping you don’t get so drunk that you punch some obnoxious college kid in the head. Hopefully, you’re not like me and you have a hot date on the average Friday night. If your date is of the female persuasion (or if you like your dates to cross-dress), then hopefully you’ll get the chance to ask her to put on that red dress, slip on those high heels and add a little of that sweet perfume so you can say “my, my, my. You sure look good tonight”.

When you ask the average person to name one Johnny Gill song, I’d say you have a better than average chance of hearing “My, My, My” mentioned. The sultry singer had been releasing albums for seven years by the time his breakthrough album was released in 1990. Thanks to the writing and production talents of L.A. and Babyface, background vocals from After 7 and a certain frizzy-haired soprano sax player, “My, My My” peaked at #10 on the pop charts, topped the R&B list and became a slow jam classic.

Trust me, this song works. I remember being at a New Edition concert a few years back and you could literally feel seats moistening as Johnny sang this song. Too bad he didn’t bring the G-man out to reprise his part…

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