No shade? This seriously made me sad.

Rich Cronin, of the pop group LFO, passed away yesterday after suffering a stroke-reportedly a complication of leukemia, which he’d been suffering from for the past several years. Cronin was 35. Now, LFO might be little more than a blip on the pop culture radar, originally scoring overseas as Lyte Funkie Ones before (thankfully) shortening their name and scoring American success smack dab in the middle of boy band madness. However, in comparison to BSB, Nsync and 98 Degrees, LFO were almost like the kinda cool big brothers (who contributed more to songwriting and production than most of their contemporaries). The trio scored a pair of top ten hits with “Summergirls” (“New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits…Chinese food makes me sick”) and “Girl on TV” (it had Jennifer Love Hewitt in the video) from their Platinum self-titled debut. The follow-up, “Life is Good”, featured cameos from De La Soul and M.O.P. (no, seriously…), but as boy bands were already on the wane, it caught a brick. But check out the video for “Every Other Time”. These guys had a sense of humor.

After his cancer went into remission, Cronin also starred in the short-lived reality show “Mission: Man Band” with 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons, ‘Nsync’s Chris Kirkpatrick and Color Me Badd’s Bryan Abrams. I’ll cop to having watched a couple episodes of that before quickly tiring. Probably not one of the better executed reality show concepts of all time.

Man, 35 is way too young for ANYONE to die. Rest in peace, dude.

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