Quick Kings of Leon story. As y’all know, I try to avoid hype-y, “it” bands (no, seriously), so I stayed off the Kings of Leon train while the rock mags were going gaga over the band. It wasn’t until hearing their third album, “Because of the Times”, that I officially converted. I was walking through a Virgin Megastore (R.I.P.) while “On Call” was playing and I fell in love immediately. Of course, one album later, the Followill clan stopped being one of those bands that only “hip” kids and rock critics like and became a Platinum-selling, Grammy-winning behemoth. Of course, once all that stuff happened, the “hip” kids and the rock critics suddenly stopped liking them. After all, a band that sells records can’t POSSIBLY be cool. Never mind the fact that “Only by the Night” is a pretty solid album and the changes the band has made have not been musical so much as they have been sartorial. It’s amazing how people make issues out of the most idiotic things-are YOU dressing the same as you were 7 years ago? Especially if during that time you’re able to afford better things for yourself in addition to being able to see the world and experience a wider range of people for the first time in your life? Common sense would dictate that a change would happen. And who cares as long as the music’s good anyway?

ANYWAY, KoL’s fifth album, “Come Around Sundown” is scheduled to be released this fall, and if the rest of the album is anything like the first single “Radioactive”, then I’m totally on board. The song itself is fantastic, and the video is pretty cool too. Any video that has pie in it gets my vote. Check it out for yourself and see if you can listen without prejudice.

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