Jay Kay and the musical collective Jamiroquai have been making asses wiggle to their retro sound for almost two decades now. Although major success (or consistent American success, anyway) has eluded them, they’ve got a core audience that’s been salivating for five years to get a new album from them.

Well, Jamiroquai’s seventh studio album, “Rock Dust Light Star”, will arrive in stores and online this fall, and the first music from the album has surfaced via the song “White Knuckle Ride”. To no one’s surprise, Jay and company haven’t changed their sound a hell of a lot. I will say that “Ride” is more current-sounding than previous efforts, but either way, their dance-heavy sound fits right in with the sound of contemporary pop radio. Will “White Knuckle Ride” be the start of a successful comeback for Jamiroquai on American shores as well as in their native UK?

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