It’s not a green screen! For a second, I was like “WTF, these guys can afford a green screen?” Because it was the perfect purple sky. I figured it had to be a fake.

ANYWAY, a while back we hipped you to the sounds of the band Halston via the video for “Boca Raton”. Guess what, kids? Carlos and Dando are back with another video, this time for the song “Guess What? That’s What!”. After viewing the video, I have a few questions. Well, OK, I already had one question answered (it’s not a green screen), but a few more questions.

1) Is that a “Lucky Star” sample?
2) Who’s that fat dude on the roof? (and if he’s a friend of yours, my apologies for calling him fat).
3) Are we channeling “War”-era The Edge with the guitar part?
4) How did you guys know how much I love talking fish?

While I ponder these questions (and salivate as they’ve promised to record the new theme for Blerd Radio), why don’t you guys give the clip a look-see, eh?

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