One cool thing about living in Boston is the local music scene. Even more so than New York, it seems that just about everyone here has some kind of music hustle. They sing, they rap, they play an instrument. Makes me wish I’d kept playing the guitar I had when I was a kid.

Anyhow, a friend of mine posted this video on his Facebook page, and I kinda fell in love. The name of the band is Halston. The members are Carolos Halston and Dando Halston. They’re from Boston. Their music is fun, danceable and a little “Eighties”, if you know what I mean. Something tells me they were listening to a lot of Duran Duran and The B-52’s back in the day. Their video is delightfully low-budget-they’re obviously not taking themselves too seriously, and altogether, it should make for a great start to your weekend! Check ’em out!

Also make sure you peep theirMySpace page.

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