To say that I was not looking forward to a new album by Sheryl Crow was an understatement. I’d bought every album she’d released since her charming 1993 debut, “Tuesday Night Music Club”, and the law of diminishing returns had come into play with every successive record. 2008’s “Detours” was strained and boring. I’d say she was one album away from joining the likes of LL Cool J on my “never buy an album by them again” list.

Surprisingly, “100 Miles” is Crow’s strongest effort since her debut. It’s got a playful, soulful vibe and Sheryl sounds looser than she has in ages. The production is nostalgic without falling completely into the past, and even the choices in the cover material (songs from Citizen Cope and Terence Trent D’Arby) are solid. Check out my review on Eat Sleep Drink Music for a clearer idea of what to expect from Sheryl’s latest work.

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