“Canada” and “funky” are two words that you rarely, if ever, hear used in the same sentence without a “not” in between them. However, Chromeo, a duo of soul/dance enthusiasts from the Great White North, are changing that perception.

Their music definitely has a throwback quality to it…very early Eighties New York sounding. Like, if Jamiroquai is 1979-1981 or so, then Chromeo is maybe 1983-1985? Something like that. Anyhow, the critics love ’em, Daryl Hall loves ’em, and with their new song “Don’t Turn the Lights On”, I think I might be falling in love with ’em too. This song actually reminds me of a cross between Level 42 and Imagination. Definitely heavy on the synth, but still very classic-poppy and melodic.

Their new album “Business Casual” comes out in September. I’ll definitely be lining up to grab this one. Take one listen to this song and tell me it doesn’t completely take away your beginning-of-the-week blues!

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