Don’t you hate it when you go on a website and all they do is direct you to another website? Yeah, me too. So go onPopdose and check out my review commemorating the 20th anniversary of the debut album by Mariah Carey. Hard to believe it’s been two decades since MC stepped on the scene. Her debut album still sounds pretty fresh. Thankfully, she’s stepped up her choreography game a little bit since then. Remember the “Someday” video?

Speaking of the choreography game, there was a lot of buzz on Twitter surrounding Christina Aguilera’s performance on last night’s MTV Movie Awards. I was busy doing other, more important things last night (like watching my Celtics open up a can of whoop ass on the Lakers), but I got to view her performance this morning. I will say this-no matter what the circumstances, no one can deny that Christina can sing her ass off. That said, none of the three songs she performed in her medley intrigued me too much, and the quivering heart over her cooch was a little unnecessary. You can sing, Christina. Rely on that. And sorry about all the background noise on the YouTube clip. Whoever recorded this thing had some serious butterfingers happening.

Finally, a very happy birthday to Prince Rogers Nelson, who turns 52 today. Not much I can say about this guy that wouldn’t be either an extreme gush or cause some serious side-eye nonsense, but he’s so obviously the most important musician of my generation, and I had the privilege of meeting him once back in 1994. No, I didn’t shake his hand, and no, he didn’t say hello to me, but I was standing 5 feet away from the guy and he did nod at me. However, he did say hello to my very pretty female cousin, and Nona Gaye (who accompanied him) actually took the time to say hello to me, so I guess it all balances out somewhere.

Anyhow, happy birthday Prince! Please don’t sue my ass. I’m broke!

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