Blerd Radio Episode 3: The Disappearance of LeBron James.

For some reason, WordPress will not led me embed the Blogtalkradio code into my posts. This pisses me off. A lot of you reading are way more computer savvy than I am (quiet as kept…I’m kinda dumb), so if you could lend a blerd a hand and help me figure this out, that would be groovy.

Anyway, after a three week absence, I have returned with Blerd Radio Episode 3. My guests for this episode are my buddies +LB and LoJo. What do we talk about? Well…

*You’ve got 3 people who know next to nothing about hockey talking about the Bruins massive choke (which, to me, is payback for the Yanks coughing up 4 in a row to the Red Sox in ’04).

*You’ve got 3 people who actually know a bit about basketball talking LeBron and wondering where he’ll end up next season.

*Why do all the Boston Celtics look weird? (and why am I a Twitter follower of Sugar Ray’s DJ Homicide?)

*We talk the “Glee” phenomenon and I wonder why people like it so damn much.

*I go out of my way not to pronounce a couple of very difficult names.

*+LB discusses the sort of bizarre way I came out to him.

*We discuss the best shows we’ve ever been to, as well as the bands we’d most like to see. Among the artists we wax rhapsodic about are: Prince, Amel Larrieux, The Roots, U2, Deer Tick and…The Black Eyed Peas?

Enjoy the show, leave comments, and Episode 4 will be airing live NEXT Saturday, 5/22!

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