Some weeks it feels good to have a little bit of extra cash in your pocket. Looks like it’s gonna be one of those weeks for me.

The only release that interests me is Keane’s “Night Train”. While the British trio originally put forth a Coldplay-lite vibe in their music, recent years have seen them go in a brighter, danci-er direction. Although “Night Train” is billed as an EP, it contains 8 tracks-which will qualify as an album in my warped head as long as the overwhelming majority of the songs are good. Two of this album’s tracks feature Somalian emcee K’naan, and I’m interested to hear what these two very different-sounding artists can come up with together.

Elsewhere in the new release world? Well, there’s the new “American Idol” album, featuring the latest batch of moderate talents who will get dropped from their label contracts within two years. Former “Idol” contestant Carly Smithson (the tattooed chick from a couple years ago that I actually liked) also is releasing an album today. She’s teamed with the original members of Evanescence who are not named Amy Lee to create a band called We Are the Fallen. Hey, what happened to Amy Lee anyway? There’s also a new one from Meat Loaf (which, surprisingly, does not contain the words “Bat” “out” “of” or “hell” in the title), an album from metal favorites As I Lay Dying, a set from Jack White’s other OTHER side project Dead Weather, an album by rapper Sage Francis, and…drumroll please…an EP by the one and only Tila Tequila. If it’s at all possible for a digital download to give you crabs, I’d be willing to bet that Tila’s album will do the deed.

As usual, Pause and Play has got what you need (sung in Biz Markie voice) in terms of upcoming releases to watch out for.

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