Christina Aguilera’s website has been teasing new music for about a week now, and I’ve been somewhat curious to know what she’d come back sounding like. Christina is quite fond of reinvention. Yesterday, her new single “Not Myself Tonight” premiered. I’ve linked to an audio stream on Ryan Seacrest’s website below.

I can’t help but remember an interview Christina did a few years back where she said that she didn’t want to work with any of today’s big-name producers, so I had to activate my side-eye once I realized the song was produced by Polow Da Don. Additionally, “Not Myself Tonight” has very strong elements of Timbaland. Specifically, it sounds like Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” and Timbo’s own “The Way I Are”.

The song itself is very much in the electro-pop pocket that most current Top 40 fare falls under, which marks a rare instance of Christina following trends. It’s a decent song, so I don’t necessarily mind the accessibility. Christina’s vocals are powerhouse as usual, but the song leaves me feeling a little empty. Her album “Bionic” is due in June, and her rumored collaborators include Sia, M.I.A. and a return dalliance with DJ Premier, so I’m hoping the rest of the album is a little more outre.

Check out the song here.

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