While I generally recommend that you head over to Popdose just because it’s a good fucking music/pop culture SITE (as opposed to my teeny widdle blog), I’m also hoping that while you’re there, you’ll check out my review of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’m New Here”. It’s a really, REALLY good album, very powerful.

Since I don’t want to double up on video posts with them, here’s a brief clip from the recording of the album. You know how, if you grew up in the ‘hood, there was always one older brother who took it upon himself to try to lead all the neighborhood kids in the right direction, dispensing intelligence and logic in the hopes that us hardheads would listen? While Scott-Heron’s older work has the militancy and fire of a young man in his twenties or thirties, “I’m New Here” definitely has that “wise old man” vibe to it. That’s absolutely not a knock! It gives a heft to the album that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Anyway, enough of me blabbin’. Watch the video and read the review.

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