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Beyonce Leads VMA 2014 Nominations

Beyonce Leads VMA 2014 Nominations

“Queen B” has a chance to walk home with many, many Moonmen in about a month. Find out who else got the nod from MTV this year.

New Release Report 8/20/13

New Release Report 8/20/13

We’re picking up a little bit before the Summer ends with some big names and even bigger albums (We also have another contest to mention but more on that later)! Honestly, regardless of the new albums from Blue October, Travis, Jimmy Buffett, or Earl Sweatshirt today, all eyes are looking at John Mayer and Paradise Valley. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of his last one (Born and Raised) but this one seems to be getting praise from everyone. It also […]

Blerd Radio 2013 Episode 16: MTV & The Mystery Of Jehovah Pan

Blerd Radio 2013 Episode 16: MTV & The Mystery Of Jehovah Pan

30 years of VMA madness , condensed into one hour. Because we’re awesome like that.

Blue-Eyed Soul Takes Control of MTV: 30th VMA Nominees Announced

Blue-Eyed Soul Takes Control of MTV: 30th VMA Nominees Announced

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Blerd Radio Episode 10: The Idiot Box

Guess what? We’re in double figures!! Welcome to Blerd Radio Episode 10. We had a wee bit of trouble with this one, hopefully you’re able to get through the slight audio glitches. In this episode, we discuss everything from our new comics column to our dinner with Mike Doughty. We mourn the 10th anniversary of 9/11, check in on the status of hurricane victims, criticize this year’s VMAs, try to understand how Lil Wayne sold almost a million copies in […]

Chart Stalker 9/8/11: Weezy Reigns Supreme

Lil Wayne does it again. The pint-sized rapper has just rung up the second-biggest sales week of 2011 so far with his latest effort, Tha Carter IV. Ringing in with 964,000 copies sold, Weezy comes just a hair’s breadth away from matching the first week sales of his chart-topping magnum opus (and last *proper* album), Tha Carter III. How big is this number? Well, if the year was to end today, Wayne would have the fifth biggest selling album of […]

Aging Hip Replacement #11: The One About The VMAs

I decided that I was going to write about something light this week. I’ve gotten a little flak from friends and family who have said my last few columns were a little too dark, a little too heady all in a row. Of course, I’m writing about my feelings of being flung towards middle age and beyond, not the happiest of experiences in my book. I wasn’t sure where I was going, started a few ideas (which all seemed to […]

2011 MTV Video Music Awards Live Blog

It’s the 2011 version of the VMAs and really, other than who has a hot single, what’s the real difference from year to year? You take a bunch of famous pop stars, give them tons of alcohol, and just let them act the fool on live TV. I think the real question should be: Who is going to do something that makes the Twitter go crazy? Kanye, Lady Gaga, or how about Kanye? My money’s on Kanye. I have my […]

Katy Perry (and the Usual Suspects) Lead MTV VMA Noms

I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t too early for VMA Nominations to be announced. Lo and behold, we’re almost done with July, and now is the usual time that the nominees for the show-an MTV institution since 1984-to be announced. To (what should be) no one’s surprise, the leading nominees are Katy Perry, Adele and Kanye West. Whatever you think of the music made by any of these artists, you have to admit that Perry […]

Chart Chat 9/23/10: Linkin Park and Trey Songz In A Photo Finish!

1,005 units separate this week’s #1 and #2 albums in one of the closest races for the top spot in history. The eventual victor? Rock giants Linkin Park score the top spot with 241,000 units sold of their fourth studio album, “A Thousand Suns”. While that sum is healthy, it is cause for alarm considering that LP’s last album, “Minutes to Midnight”, debuted with triple that sum just three short years ago. Linkin Park’s sound has gradually evolved over the […]

Award Show Sundays: Hot Mess Moments at the VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards is tonight. The show, which has been broadcast since 1984 (although MTV probably doesn’t want you to know that as it would make them seem very old to their target audience) is usually a pretty entertaining watch, although lately it’s been more for the train-wreck factor than for…you know, good music. I will be sitting this year’s broadcast out! Normally, I’d be up in front of the TV with some beer and popcorn live-blogging my […]

Award Show Sundays: The Nirvana Concussion Episode

I didn’t have MTV until 1994, by which time I was 18 years old. Well, slight correction-there was MTV available in my various residences from 1984-1994, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it on the rare occasions when I was even allowed to control the TV that had cable (long story). I was lucky, however, because for a few years in the late Eighties and early Nineties, the MTV VMAs would run on network TV (usually Fox, but I could […]