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Talib Kweli Prisoner of Conscious: Album Review

Talib Kweli Prisoner of Conscious: Album Review

Lyrical giant Talib Kweli returns with a new album. Check out our review of “Prisoner of Conscious.”

Ghostface Killah, Twelve Reasons to Die: Album Review

Ghostface Killah, Twelve Reasons to Die: Album Review

A grisly, retro-fitted, blood-spattered, cinematic Tarantino pastiche for music nerds and hip-hop heads everywhere, Ghostface Killah’s enthralling Twelve Reasons to Die isn’t merely the emcee’s finest hour since 2006’s career-high Fishscale; it’s also, assuming it gets the respect it deserves, poised to be hip-hop’s most prominent excursion into the grindhouse, and the true breakthrough of producer Adrian Younge. Or perhaps “composer” is the better word. Twelve Reasons to Die is the result of a miraculous and rare synergy between sound […]

The Viewfinder: RZA & The Black Keys, "The Baddest Man Alive"

The Viewfinder: RZA & The Black Keys, “The Baddest Man Alive”

RZA? The Black Keys? What’s not to love?

Spin Cycle: Childish Gambino, R O Y A L T Y

Spin Cycle: Childish Gambino, R O Y A L T Y

Childish Gambino has a new mixtape you should really listen to. It’s called R O Y A L T Y and it’s free.

Spin Cycle: Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch The Throne”

I’ll admit to having a fair share of trepidation prior to hearing Kanye West & Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne album. Let’s face it, Jay-Z’s had a pretty rotten track record when it comes to collaborations. How many of you still bump those Best of Both Worlds albums with R. Kelly? What about that Collision Course thing with Linkin Park? No? Me neither. Actually, my copies of all three of those albums (yes, I bought all three) are now in the […]

So Appalled? Eh, Maybe a Little Disappointed

I had to step back from this G.O.O.D. Friday stuff for a little while, lest Popblerd turn into the Kanye West blog. That said, I’ve been checking out Mr. West’s offerings and I’ve gotta say, he’s put out some pretty good stuff, although nothing’s given me that “College Dropout”/”Late Registration” feeling yet. However with Kanye, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. In other words, he’s best when making a completed album-length statement. I wasn’t crazy about […]

Meth, Ghost & Rae Return with a “Wu-Massacre”

Let’s face it. If there are nine guys in your group, it’s gonna be hard for you to keep people’s attention. Just too much going on. Add in a plethora of solo projects, and you have the way I’ve felt about the Wu-Tang Clan since the mid nineties. After a smokin’ hot 1993 debut and that first salvo of excellent solo albums (“Only Built 4 Cuban Linx”, “Return to the 36 Chambers”, “Ironman”, “Liquid Swords”, “Tical”), it just became way […]

Vampire Weekend's "Giving Up the Gun": Tennis, Anyone?

My friend and former work colleague Caroline went to Columbia U with the Vampire Weekend guys and she was singing the praises of these guys even before their first album came out. Although her tastes run way indie-er than mine (she plays the theremin, for God’s sake), I very quickly fell in love with VW. Danceable, hooky and smart-assed: all things I enjoy in music. “Giving Up the Gun” is the third single release from their latest album “Contra” (which […]