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Spin Cycle: Bloc Party, Four

Spin Cycle: Bloc Party, Four

Bloc Party return from a four year hiatus stronger than ever on “Four.”

The Viewfinder: Bloc Party, "Octopus"

The Viewfinder: Bloc Party, “Octopus”

The new Bloc Party single is out on the innerwebs and the video for it is making the rounds.  It’s called ‘Octopus,’ and is perhaps the most commercial-sounding track from the British indie darlings to date.  This is not to say that’s a bad thing at all.  It’s very reminiscent of Blur musically. This primarily performance-based video  focuses on the color scheme of the new album’s cover and features ribbon twirlers, the band performing the track at quick cut shots […]

Spin Cycle: Bleu's "Besides"

Spin Cycle: Bleu’s “Besides”

Bleu’s “Besides” is finally available digitally! Check out our review!

The Blerd Interview: Bleu

When interacting with power-pop artist/in-demand songwriter/mutton-chop maestro William “Bleu” McAuley, one thing comes into crisp, refreshing focus: Bleu is one nice dude. You see, a few weeks ago, Bleu was nice enough to set some time aside to talk to us; when a technological failure resulted in an entire, story-packed interview getting lost in space, I was awfully glum. As an avowed and longtime fan, it was disheartening to lose so much interesting material, and to waste a favorite artist’s […]

Popblerd! Presents the Top 40 Albums of 2010: (30-26)

As we continue our journey through my favorite albums of 2010, we get hip-hop heavy with RJD2, Drake and Rhymefest.