Here are five facts about the latest Jheri Curl Chronicles Radio Show!

1) This show is dedicated to Prince. It contains songs performed by him, as well as songs written by him for others, songs recorded by his many proteges, and a few covers.
2) I’m pretty proud of the three song “Jackson” segment I snuck into the show, containing Prince songs covered by La Toya, Rebbie and Millie (no relation) Jackson.
3) Mixcloud only allows four songs by any one artist to appear on a stream, so…it was time to get crafty. “Prince” and “Prince & The Revolution” are two separate entities, right? So…more Prince!
4) The issue with playing vinyl? Sometimes it skips. If you listened live, you caught a few of those. I also accidentally cued up the wrong song once. Thankfully, I was able to edit most of those mistakes out for the Mixcloud stream.
5) The live broadcast of this was last Wednesday, following my office holiday party. I could very easily use the whiskey buzz I obtained at said party as an excuse for the technical errors that occurred during the podcast, but my being slightly intoxicated had no bearing on the records skipping (nor did it have any bearing on the fact that I forgot to bring my vinyl cleaning supplies that morning). It did, however, have a bearing on my voice, which gets a little croaky as the show progresses. Sorry about that.
Enjoy the show!

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