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In 2011, Johnny Gill re-emerged after a 15 year absence with the quite solid Still Winning. Want proof that it was solid? Read our review.

Forgive us for thinking we were going to have to endure another lengthy wait between albums from the chesty crooner.

After a relatively minuscule three years, JG has returned with a sexy new single called “Behind Closed Doors.”

I’d have to imagine that there’ll be an album at some point this fall or winter. Add in the fact that JG is on the road with his homeboys New Edition and they are allegedly also working on new material, and we might be gearing up for the steadiest stream of music from the immensely talented Gill since the mid-’90s!

As for the song itself? Johnny’s talented enough to make even the worst song listenable. I do wish he’d put together something just a tad more melodic, though. Still, you could do a lot worse than “Behind Closed Doors” if you need a soundtrack for your sexytime escapades.

And have I yet mentioned that JG can sing his ass off?

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