Nothing wrong with starting your weekend in a positive, upbeat frame of mind, right?*

*OK, so the lyrics are a little lovelorn…but this song still makes me feel happy.

The guys (and girl) that make up Air Traffic Controller are all cool people (trust me on this one, I’ve met ’em) and their brand of pop/rock hits me right in my sweet spot. Add in interesting visuals, and what you wind up with is a slam dunk.

“Pick Me Up” is a track from their album NORDO, which contains many confections in a similar vein.

If you want to check them out live, they’re in New York on March 8th, then they saddle up and head to Texas for the South X Southwest festivities. The following month finds them back in their hometown of Boston. If you’re in one of those locales, I say check ’em out!

You can keep up with the band on their website, or follow them on Facebook…or Twitter.

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