It makes so much sense to have Neneh Cherry and Robyn make a record together. It’s almost a passing of the torch…

Two Swedish soul sisters, not at all easily classifiable, with a rebel spirit. No doubt in my mind that a young Robyn was jamming to “Buffalo Stance” and “Kisses On The Wind” back in the day.

The two have combined for “Out Of The Black,” a track from Neneh’s upcoming Blank Project album. It’s her fourth solo album overall, and the first she’s released in well over a decade (though she’s released albums under several different band/artist names in the ensuing years.)

The fact that “Black” isn’t a balls-to-the-wall electro-dance track might surprise some, but I’ve always been partial to some of Neneh’s more moody material (“Manchild,” “Twisted,” “7 Seconds.”) It took a couple of listens to grow on me, but I dig it.

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Preorder Blank Project (which comes out February 25th) here.

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