Michael Jordan in the NBAOn February 17th of this year, Michael Jeffrey Jordan turned 50. Michael Jordan is 50 years old! To put that in perspective, the most recent Air Jordan shoe that was released around the same time as his birthday is the 28th release of the shoe. I believe the median NBA age is less than 28 years. So, much of the current NBA players were born after the Air Jordan shoe came out. How crazy is that?

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons are doing video previews of every team before the season starts on October 29th. Yes, the NBA season is less than four weeks away.

In previewing the Charlotte Bobcats, Jalen Rose made quite the prediction.

Michael Jordan is coming out of retirement and playing one game this year.

Simmons can’t tell is he’s serious or kidding. He wants to say that it will never happen, but also knows that Jalen has a lot of contacts in the league and won’t say defiantly that it can’t happen.

If you remember Jordan’s infamous Hall of Fame speech, he ended it by saying, “One day you might look up and see me playing the game at 50,” and when the crowd laughed and thought he was joking, he told them not to laugh. So you know that it’s something that’s been in his head.

But can it happen? Jordan is the majority owner of the Bobcats and the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement prohibits an owner from playing on any team. Danny Chau from Grantland breaks it all down and it looks like a lot of busy work to simply play in one game.

Simmons suggests that the NBA could waive that rule for one game to allow Jordan to play. I’m not sure it’s that easy. But with Jordan’s insane competitive personality, I guess the worst thing the league could do is tell him no.

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