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PermaWar-Single-604x604-300x300As we learned from Uncle Al’s biography (Reviewed by us here), Master Jourgensen tends to do everything ass backwards. It should come as no surprise then that first single “PermaWar”, off of Ministry’s upcoming final album From Beer To Eternity, is a slab of nostalgia-fueled heaviness that at times hearkens back to the band’s early goth days (Especially the chorus).

In the vein of Relapse but a little more in tune with “Lieslieslies” and the more political Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker, “PermaWar” is a slow rager with huge chunky riffs courtesy of the late, great Mike Scaccia. The video is…Uncle Al being Uncle Al. Just see for yourself below.

From Beer To Eternity, the “last” Ministry album will be released on September 10th through 13th Planet. Pre-order yours here.





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