PromoImage-1Like this weird mix of The Melvins, Fudge Tunnel, and Undertow-era Tool, Brooklyn’s Grandfather tow the ’90’s alt-metal line really well on their latest release, In Human Form. Produced by Fudge Tunnel’s Alex Newport (There’s your connection!), IHF is quite possibly Grandfather’s most solid effort to date.

“Spun” begins Grandfather’s sophomore album and is instantly an intriguing mix of cacophonous guitars and pulsating drums. “Organ Thief”  furthers the descent and is madness incarnate. Like  the sound of your mind unraveling set to music. Sounds fun so far, right? “Metamorphosis” is another complex percussive attack that morphs into this sonic anthem with screaming guitars and lush choruses while “No Escapes” is a more standard alt affair with scattered bouts of subdued percussion building to a cataclysmic chorus.

From there, In Human Form just keeps getting better (The almost mystical stylings of “Wishes” comes to mind as does the thunderous “Not A Pawn”).  And if that’s not enough to pique your interest then maybe the fact that the entire album is available FOR FREE should. It only takes but a second to download (And donate if you like what you hear). You won’t be sorry.

In Human Form is out now! Click the link here to get yours.

Grade: A




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