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Julie teases that a juror will come back to play in the game. Hopefully, the house gets shaken up.

Where We Last Left You

Racist Aaryn is the ass-kickingest house guest when it comes to winning competitions this year. She’s also racist. So I have a hard time rooting for her. But I will admit that she’s good at this game. And also racist.

Aaryn won the HOH last week and didn’t seem too happy. When you win a lot of competitions, you become a target. When you’re racist, you become a target. So she’s quite the target. But for whatever reason, she’s been able to escape elimination. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think she’s received one vote when on the block.

She seems to be controlled by her group at large. First, it was Helen. Working with Helen early on saved her racist rear-end and she had to nominate who Helen and company wanted nominated. Even this week, she was compelled to nominate Helen and Elissa because that’s what her 3AM alliance wanted to do. And they did so without Helen knowing she was the target. Poor, poor Helen. And when Elissa won the veto, Aaryn had a chance to make a big play, but she didn’t. She put up Spencer instead of Amanda’s boobs.

What’s the morale of this story? Don’t be a racist. Oh, and if you’re a target, you have to do what everyone else does for fear of going home yourself. I do wish that Aaryn would take a little responsibility for her choices though. It’s quite easy to say that people are making you do it, but it’s still your call.

Helen was a bit blindsided with everything, but I’m not sure how. She’s too smart of a player to be this naive about the game.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

– Helen cornered Andy and said that Andy is her swing vote. He acted like it was in the bag. Then again, he’s been doing a lot of lying lately.

– Andy tattles to Amanda’s boobs. Helen told him, “Snitches get stitches,” and gave him the cutthroat sign. Okay, she didn’t do that.

– Helen tells McCrae to grow a pair and stand up to Amanda’s boobs. She didn’t say it like that, but it’s what she meant.

– Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, and GinaMarie bully Andy for his vote by saying that if Helen goes home and Elissa or Aaryn gets the HOH, he’s going up. He’s scared for his life.

Live Vote

McCrae votes to evict Helen.
Amanda’s boobs votes to evict Helen.
Elissa votes to evict Spencer.
Andy votes to evict Helen. There’s your swing vote.
GinaMarie votes to evict Helen.

It’s official as Helen is a goner. However, maybe she’ll come back into the house in the juror’s challenge.

Jury House

– Candice is hoping that she sees GinaMarie, but more so because it means she’s eliminated.

– Judd says that Amanda’s boobs and Helen are the devil and need holy water sprinkled on them.

– The four jurors entered back into the house to get ready to compete to come back in. Candice hugged Aaryn and I think Aaryn eye-rolled the hug.


The HOH is tied into the juror’s challenge. All of the current house guests and the four jury house members are in a competition together called “Off The Wall”. No, it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Whoever catches 10 balls first becomes the new HOH, jurors included. The goal is to catch balls thrown at you while on a lift.

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know who wins the HOH and comes back into the house, please don’t read below.



Your new HOH is Elissa. And the jury member coming back into the house is Judd. Welp, I guess Andy is going up!

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