bloc-party-nextwave-sessions-608x608There is going to come a time when fans of Bloc Party are going to stop caring. This band has been such a roller coaster of creativity and emotions since their inception and their recent off/on and now off again status might ultimately be the final straw. Regardless of if you loved or hated the polarizing Four (I liked it, actually), it was an interesting “comeback” album that threw some for a loop but still proved that the band had some sonic tricks up their sleeves and that the sound of Silent Alarm was not forgotten.


With The Nextwave Sessions EP Bloc Party go out with a whimper, not a scream. If this is the last thing Bloc Party ever put out then it’s both a disservice to their fans and to Bloc Party’s “legacy”. It’s an uneven collection of new recordings that sound like B-sides spanning their four-album discography. Any of the five tracks within could have easily fit into Intimacy, A Weekend in the City, or the already mentioned first and last albums.


The Nextwave Sessions is out now if you’re still interested in Bloc Party. I am not.

Grade: D (For “Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!”)



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