Viewfinder BannerAs mentioned in my not-sure-why-I-posted-it “We Saw It! Pearl Jam … In My Dreams” post earlier today, I had a premonition in a dream late Sunday night (or maybe it was early Monday morning) that featured a comedic quartet that I compared as a cross-between Mumford & Sons and the duo that does the “Get Happy, Get GEICO” commercials.

When I went to write my story, I went searching for a reference to Mumford & Sons, possibly the video for “The Cave“. Instead the first item that pulled up on my search engine was a Rolling Stone article about the just released Mumford & Sons video for their song “Hopeless Wanderer”. The video features a comedic quartet, that anyone who has recently been to the movies (or watched Arrested Development, Saturday Night Live or The Office) might recognize.

Late in the video the quartet also play in front of a burgundy, vinyl curtain (also featured in my dream the night before the video’s release).

Eerie? Just a bit. Though my family is quick to tell people that I have really whacked out dreams and an odd propensity to vividly remember them. I don’t claim to foretell the future, or have insider knowledge of what Mumford & Sons are up to (though maybe I do and I just never realized it!).

I’m not really a Mumford fan (remember, I’m the dude that last week confessed to being a Backstreet Boy fan) but I do enjoy their music, and enjoyed finding the video and listening repeatedly to this song via the video.

“Hopeless Wanderer” is from the 2013 Grammy Award-winning Album of the Year Babel. A classic Mumford & Sons song, filled with good banjo-strumming.

In my first attempt at a Viewfinder here are some insights into the video … then enjoy!

  • Can you name the comedic quartet? Due to the glaring sun it’s hard to notice them until about a minute into the video. If you still can’t figure it out, I’ve given you the answer at the bottom of the post – and you need to get out more.
  • No word on if this was filmed on location at Schrute Farms, but it was somewhat tough figuring out who the cello player was, what with the Jedidiah beard going on.
  • Speaking of beards, there’s an odd make out scene between the two SNL alums that you may or may not want to miss.
  • Though some sites may claim this video as “hilarious,” (put comedians in anything and it’s suddenly hilarious) this site is just going to call it “fun.”
  • Have fun!

The Hopeless Wanderers are Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Ed Helms and Jason Sudeikis

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