CT, Marlon, Jordan fightingA week before the new season of MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II started, I wrote a preview, handicapping the teams. If you need a primer to the season, give that a read.

The show just finished its fourth week of eleven and it’s already kicked into high gear. The alcohol is flowing, fights are happening, and romantic endeavors are flourishing. Before I get to the top five list, I wanted to see how I was doing in my predictions.

All of my best bets (Frank & Johnny, Paula & Emily) and sleeper teams (Camila & Jemmye, Cooke & Cara Maria) are still alive and all the teams who were eliminated were on my list of the nine teams who weren’t going to win. Aneesa & Diem and Jonna & Nany are playing much better than I originally gave them credit for, but I’m confident in my selections.

I’ll report back in a few weeks to see how I’m doing.

From an actual challenge standpoint, the females are holding their own. In fact, Paula and Emily are the single most impressive challenge team in the game. But when it comes to the drama, love, and ‘lationships (shout out to Babyface), the men take the cake. We’ll count down the women in a few weeks, but for this list, it’s all about the dudes.

Here’s the top five great, great men in the house on Rivals II:

5. Frank

Fights: CT
Hookups: None
Flirtations: None

I have to admit that Frank & Johnny have been quiet. I thought there would be more shenanigans coming from their end since their competitive spirit trumps just about everyone’s. At least Frank is holding up his end of the bargain. Johnny, you need to step your game up. And you lose points for having your own bobble head bruh.

The second Frank came into the house, he cried to Johnny, and based on the podcast he did with Juliet Litman, it was probably because he really hates everyone.

Frank had a scrap with CT over whether or not CT had sex with Challenge-rookie Anastasia with Knight egging them on. Why would anyone fight CT? Only a crazy man would fight CT. Frank, you are a crazy man.

4. Jordan

Fights: CT
Hookups: Sarah
Flirtations: Jonna

He and Marlon (who you will see later on this list) are a helluva rookie squad. Jordan was so annoying on “The Real World” that I thought he would be buzzard meat on the Challenge, but he’s actually playing the game smartly. He stays out of harm’s way for the most part and I think the dude Challenge vets dig his confidence. He also won some points by lifting heavy weights and not allowing his handicap (a not fully formed hand) to be an excuse. The guy is also a much better athlete than I had him pegged.

His one fight wasn’t all that impressive, but it was with CT. And again, I wonder why anyone would pick a fight with that behemoth. It was actually Marlon’s fight, but he saw his partner in trouble as CT was trying to drown him and he jumped in to help. Even though he himself was swatted away quickly, you have to respect the man for at least trying to have his partner’s back.

Even thought Nia tried to punk him out several times by making fun of the size of his pilly-packer on “The Real World”, my man romanced Sarah (rather aggressively) and once Sarah bounced because her partner quit, he moved on quickly with Zach’s former flame Jonna. I’m not sure I’d move on with Zach’s girl because Zach is the future CT, but Jordan is courageous and his courageous spirit trumps all.

3. Leroy

Fights: None (he’s the peacemaker)
Hookups: None
Flirtations: Jemmeye and Theresa

Leroy is an example of how someone doesn’t always have to beef on The Challenge and can still be entertaining. In the first episode, when CT and Marlon had their fallout, Leroy talked sense into CT so that CT wouldn’t get kicked out for fighting a rookie. CT, the legend, even told him he loved him.

Leroy was fairly quiet for the middle two episodes, but on last night’s episode, his mack daddy was in full effect. His first crush was on Jemmeye who he thought was one of the cutest girls in the house. Now, my man might be a bit blind, but he was trying to get in them jeans, so I don’t blame him for charming her up a bit. But once he saw how hysterical Jemmeye became when Knight poured ketchup on her, he decided to piece out. You see, Leroy is a peacemaker. He doesn’t want to get involved in fights or with crazy girls.

And thus, by the end of the episode, he had moved onto Theresa who was painting his toe nails. Even though Theresa was grossed out by his ashy feet, he still told her that she should lick them. And yet, Theresa didn’t stomp out of there grossed out, wanting nothing to do with him anymore. She simply laughed and thought his personality made him even more attractive. That Leroy is a great man.

CT and Diem

2. CT

Fights: Marlon, Jordan, and Frank
Hookups: Anastasia
Flirtations: Anastasia, Diem, and Nany

I know, you expected CT to be number one. And usually he would. He’d usually be number one on just about every list written. But one guy has out-manned him so far and we’ll get to him in a bit.

CT has three purposes in this house so far. The first is to carry Wes’ ass in challenges. The second is to be there emotionally for Diem. The third is to attract as many girls as possible. Now, the second and third don’t really fit together and that’s why CT is so great. He’s a walking conundrum of testosterone and chill.

He fought Marlon and Jordan in the pool by himself. He tussled with Frank. He performed relations with Anastasia and then denied it to everyone, including Anastasia. And I think she started to believe him. Maybe she was dreaming? And he’s also had tender moments with Diem which has to be a huge mind-f*** for her all while making Nani weak in the knees. You think it’s easy to be CT. It’s hard work to be that damn good.

How can CT catapult to number one? He needs to do a better job carrying that red-headed bag of bones named Wes.

1. Marlon

Fights: CT and Knight
Hookups: Derek
Flirtations: Nany and Cooke

Marlon, aka Jay Dillenger, is number one because he’s the single greatest utility Challenge contestant of all-time. Some of you will remember Marlon’s admission that he was bi-sexual on “The Real World”. And he made sure to remind people in the Challenge house.

On the same show, the following happened:
– Marlon and Derek had a little action on the side. It’s hard for me to describe it while staying PG-13, but I think hands and mouths were involved.
– Marlon went psycho on Knight for making fun of him for having this hand and mouth relationship with Derek. I think he really wanted to turn Knight into dust.
– Marlon transitioned into a make-out session with Nany which prompted her to say that she doesn’t care if he’s bisexual and just wants to have fun.

Marlon went buck wild. And then on the after show, he admitted to making out with Cooke, but Cooke said there was no tongue involved and tried to put the kibosh on their hookup. Come on Cooke. Marlon is the greatest man in the Challenge house this season. You know he got the tongue action.

I’ll be back in a few weeks counting down the top five great, great women. Until then, just watch Rivals II. You won’t be sorry.

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