GinaMarie cryingThis season of Big Brother continued to be the single weirdest season of all time. And I’m still not sure if I like having the MVP, being that people are figuring out who the fans are voting for.

Where We Last Left You

Like I mentioned last week, Aaryn and Jeremy won the HOH which allowed Aaryn to become HOH. Jeremy was fine with it because he could still be super influential without having that HOH target on his back.

Aaryn immediately nominated Helen, who she made fun of for being Asian all last week, and Elissa who is guilty by association by being Rachel’s sister. I think there’s also some jealousy that Elissa was the fan’s choice for MVP.

But the fans went ahead and voted Elissa again and she earned the MVP. She tried shaking up the game by nominating Jeremy, but he won the veto and took himself off the block. As a replacement, Elissa put up Nick, head of the Moving Company alliance, after talking with Candice about making big moves and putting guys on the block rather than girls.

Helen, Elissa, and Nick are on the block.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

– Helen made a plea with Aaryn to possibly work together down the line. They both seemed to agree that it would shock the house.

– Before Elissa put Nick on the block, she asked him to make a deal with her to throw the veto and she would never nominate him if she won MVP again. He didn’t throw the veto, but he still lost. Elissa still put him up.

– After Aaryn and GinaMarie were fired by their employees last week for making racist statements, Spencer may also be in trouble.

– Candice tried to work with the females, including Amanda’s boobs, to let them know that they need to stick together. Helen got Andy to agree to the deal and then worked on Jessie.

– The Moving Company guys are worried that McCrae and Amanda are too close, but McCrae says Amanda is on their side and will vote Elissa. She’s thinking differently and wants Nick out. Bros over you know what McCrae!

– Aaryn had a chance to tell Julie that she forgets about the cameras being around 24/7 and apologize for her racist statements that she has to know have been broadcast on the Internet as well as Sunday’s show. Instead, she says she’s just an open person. And by open person, she means racist.

Live Vote

Jeremy votes to evict Elissa.
Kaitlyn votes to evict Elissa.
Andy votes to evict Nick.
GinaMarie votes to evict Elissa.
Judd votes to evict Nick.
Spencer votes to evict Nick.
Jessie votes to evict Nick.
Howard votes to evict Elissa.
McCrae votes to evict Nick.
Amanda votes to evict Nick.
Candice votes to evict Nick.

Nick has been evicted. Both Spencer and McCrae voted against their Moving Company leader. McCrae voted with Amanda. No word on why Spencer voted that way.

GinaMarie balled her eyes out while Nick was leaving.

Julie interviewed Nick and he pretty much figured out what happened. He thinks Spencer is the most powerful person in the house.


The house guests were woken up in the night and had to watch bags go through a conveyer belt. Their HOH challenge is to answer true/false questions about the things they saw.

The last five contestants were Helen, Kaitlyn, Howard, Jessie, and McCrae. They had to go to write-in questions. McCrae was eliminated first leaving the four. And Helen pulled it out in the end. Helen is the new HOH.

Even though she and Aaryn talked about working together, Aaryn has to go up. Then, maybe Helen hopes she can with the veto and pull herself off.

Oh yeah, GinaMarie was still crying.

This was on YouTube, which happened after the eviction.

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