circumambulation_1400There’s isn’t really anything like the fuzzed out almost ethereal sounds that True Widow produce in modern heavy music today which makes a throwback album like Circumambulation (That’s a mouthful!) so utterly refreshing. From the evil lurch of “CREEPER” which immediately sets the tone through to “LUNGR”‘s magical slow burn which concludes the album, Circumambulation provides a multitude of facets for lovers of stoner, doom, and just good old heavy music in general to latch onto.

Albums like this make me bang my head against a wall after they come across my desk and I initially put them on the backburner only to discover them way after I should (But before the release date thankfully). This is not the kind of album you’ll be headbanging to anytime soon but True Widow still fit in with the rest of the Relapse Family seamlessly. Think of the band fitting somewhere in between the grandiose design of Baroness’ Yellow & Green and Royal Thunder’s CVI.

But enough background! Onto the music…

“Four Teeth” is about the most straight forward tune here with sprite-like vocals courtesy of Nicole Estill which are reminiscent of Melissa Auf Der Maur and Laura Pleasants at times but more elegant. Slim TX’s drumming lumbers along creating this comfortable vibe while DH Phillips’ guitar lines give the non-vocal moments that much more bite. “I:M:O” is this gorgeous instrumental and “Numb Hands” sees Phillips take over lead vox on a song that could be the stoner rock version of Sonic Youth with a heavy emphasis on the gazing of the shoes!

One of those albums that demands to be listened to at high volumes and on vinyl, Circumambulation (Still a mouthful!) is available for mass consumption through Relapse Records on July 23rd. Pre-order through the Relapse Store here or through True Widow’s Bandcamp page here.

Grade: A+



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