McCrae and AmandaThis is the single weirdest Big Brother season ever and we’re only starting the second week.

Where We Last Left You

After McCrae the pizza boy won the HoH, hilarity ensued.

Rachel’s look-a-like sister Elissa made no friends early on and became an immediate target. Yet, McCrae didn’t put her up for elimination. Instead, he put up Candice (who calls herself Candy Land) and Jesse (who thinks she’s the hottest girl in the house).

And even before we got to see who the fans voted as the first Big Brother MVP, the Huffington Post came out with a video that showed some of the contestants being racist and homophobic.

As a result, Aaryn was supposedly dropped from her modeling agency. GinaMarie was also fired from her job. By the way, Aaryn is no longer my wife.

Elissa bragged that her sister’s fans would help her win the MVP, but she was trying to make a joke that Gisele Bündchen was her sister. Why she’d make a joke like that when most think she’s Rachel’s sister is beyond me. But Jeremy, who reminds me of Enzo aka “The meow meow”, didn’t appreciate that joke and called her out on it.

The Meow Meow

McCrae, Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, and Howard are now known as The Moving Company and Nick wanted McCrae to get David out because he’s a strong player and not in the alliance. I’m not sure if he’s such a strong player, though he and Aaryn are already show-mancing.

Elissa did win the MVP and she admitted that she was Rachel’s sister to only McCrae and begged him to keep it a secret. He agreed and then immediately told Amanda. Elissa did what McCrae wanted and put up David.

McCrae won the veto even though he wanted to throw it. Just shows you how dumb everyone else is, including David. It was a word challenge and they had to make up a word. McCrae made an 8-letter word and won. David couldn’t even finish.

McCrae then put up Elissa and took off Candice. He was feeling pressured by Nick to keep David up so they could get him out. But he also felt pressure from the house to put up Elissa. So this was his way of conceding to both. He hopes that Nick can get enough votes to get David out still.

And now we’re all caught up.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

– The renegade group of Jeremy, Aaryn, David and others broke out a bottle of wine 40 minutes early even though they were supposed to wait until the Have-Nots were done with their Have-Notting. Jeremy called everyone out and made people cry. What a mean guy.

– Amanda may have deflowered McCrae. She showed him her boobs and made out with him while they went to bed. He was very scared.

– Kaitlyn and Jeremy are show-mancing too.

– Nick is clearly the decision-maker for The Moving Company.

Live Vote

Amanda votes to evict David.
Aaryn votes to evict Elissa.
Nick votes to evict David.
Candice votes to evict Elissa.
Spencer votes to evict David.
Kaitlyn votes to evict Elissa.
Helen votes to evict David.
Big Howard votes to evict David.
GinaMarie votes to evict Elissa.
Judd votes to evict David.
Jeremy votes to evict Elissa.
Andy votes to evict David.

David has been evicted. Jeremy was the only one to go against the moving company.

David tells Julie that he is the kind of guy who gets along with everyone, but he figured that there was a chance because some of the house guests were acting weird around him.


It’s BB Barbecue in honor of the 4th of July. The house guests were paired up and the winning team will have to choose the single HoH.

These are the teams:

Spencer and Helen
GinaMarie and Candice
Amanda and Kaitlin
Andy and Elissa
Nick and Judd
Aaryn and Jeremy
Howard and Jessie

They had to pair up and take BBQ sauce from a jug across a slippery slope, passing it between them. One put the sauce in a cup and passed it to the other by pouring it into another cup. The second member of the team then poured it into one of two jugs. The first jug was smaller and once they filled it up, they would get to use bigger cups. The other jug was the one that they had to fill out to win. Very interesting strategy.

Okay, this is where you want to stop reading unless you want to read spoilers. The show finished with them still early in the game. I’ll give you some room to decide whether to keep reading or not.






Spoiler time!

Jeremy and Aaryn won the HoH competition and they chose Aaryn to be the HoH. She’s going to get vengeance for sure.

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