Big Brother Season 15


As the reality show guy on Popblerd, I feel it’s my right of passage to start blogging my favorite reality show of them all. In addition to blogging weekly about American Idol and X Factor, I’m going to start blogging the elimination show for Big Brother.

I’ve watched Big Brother from season one (what up Eddie!) and the mix of physical, mental, and social strategy intrigues me to no end. It’s also the reality show I’d be terrible at.

The elimination shows start next week, so instead, I’ll write a little about the current cast as well as recap the new twists and the first Head of Household (forever now known as HoH),

The Season 15 Cast

They’ve definitely amped up the eye candy on the female side. There’s no less than four girls that you’d consider extremely attractive if you have the sense of sight. GinaMarie is a shapely, loud blond from Staten Island. This also makes her terribly annoying. Jessie is an attractive brunette who lives in San Antonio and says she doesn’t get along with other women. Well, that’s quite the red flag. Kaitlyn is a bartender from Minneapolis and she’s fairly inoffensive so far. But I’d have to say that my favorite on sight alone is the beautiful Aaryn.

The most intriguing of the cast members is the sister of one Rachel Reilly. Elissa is a yoga instructor and she looks as fit as can be. But then again, she looks and talks like Rachel. One of Rachel’s annoying traits was the way she annunciated her words. It was almost as if her words were a 1/2 second behind her mouth, like a bad dub. Well, Elissa does the same thing.

She also hopes that no one will figure out that she’s Rachel’s kinfolk. Good luck on that one sis.

One the dude side, there’s not really any compelling characters yet, but that will change. Of course, there’s the one gay guy, the buff dude, and the skinny slacker aka the pizza boy.

There were already a few interesting things that happened on the least noteworthy show of the season.

– Howard, Jeremy, and Spencer created an alliance in the appropriately named Mustache Room simply based on being three dudes. Jeremy also called himself a competition beast.

Big Brother Season 15

– Sis Elissa wants to form an all pretty girl alliance. So, she considers herself a pretty girl. Jessie, who deemed herself the prettiest in the house, didn’t think it’d work because she doesn’t get along with women. I wonder why?


Julie let the house guests know of the major twist for the season. She first let them know that now, instead of two nominations, there will be three. Pizza boy was sure that they were cutting down to one. That pizza guy isn’t that smart.

But, the third person won’t be nominated by the HoH like the first two. Instead, there will be something called the Big Brother MVP, which will be voted on by fans (vote here).

From what I gather, the fans will vote for the MVP and that MVP will be kept secret from the rest of the house guests. The MVP will be able to secretly nominate the third person up for elimination.

Obviously, this changes game play. What I’m not sure about is how this affects alliances. As you already saw, there was an alliance made simply based off gender. If there’s a secret MVP also nominating folks, doesn’t that mean all the house guests will have to be nice to each other no matter what or risk nomination?

When the news came out, Rachel immediately tweeted this out:

Floaters Grab A Life Vest

In non-Big Brother lingo, if you want to win MVP, you better do work because people don’t see too kindly to folks who don’t.

HoH Competition

The first HoH competition of the season was one in which the house guests all had to hang from what was a very large popsicle. The popsicles went around and around like a carousel and of course liquid sprayed at them. Quickly, house guests fell off, eliminating themselves from the competition, including Elissa who thought she needed to win because people would figure out who she was (and they did).

The last five were my new wife Aaryn, pizza boy McCrae, alliance guy Jeremy, life guard David, and Nick. Aaryn, as the last female standing, dropped first. Julie tried to bribe someone to fall off on purpose and succeeded. There were two pails with a chance to win a “Never Not Pass” which would make sure one contestant wouldn’t be a “Have Not” for the entire season. Life guard David fell off first, but chose the wrong pail. Alliance guy Jeremy fell off immediately after and secured the pass. That guy is going to have it easy this season.

Pizza boy McCrae told Nick that he wouldn’t nominate him if he left him win and Nick decided that was a good idea after hanging onto a larger than life-sized popsicle for over four hours.

Pizza boy McCrae is your first HoH and season 15 is now in session! I’ll be back next Wednesday night.

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