We Saw It

SAMSUNGIt was Father’s Day Eve as Art Alexakis’ “Summerland” tour rolled through Boston and as Filter band leader Richard Patrick stated in an earlier interview: “Summerland is about bashing the fuck out of you for 30 minutes and then leaving…but leaving on a high note with something like “Take A Picture”” Guitarist Jonny Radtke added ” “Something for old fans, something for new, and everybody enjoys it.” After the 30 minutes of Filter’s set were finished, no truer words were ever spoken.

Ripping into the Spawn soundtrack lead single “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do”, Filter immediately owned the stage proving why they were also the most relevant and heaviest act on the bill. Stepping into the 21st Century, “What Do You Say” led into “We Hate It When You Get What You Want” showcasing how easily cuts from the recently released The Sun Comes Out Tonight meshed with the bands’ earlier work.

A first for me at least was an engagement on stage during the set by one of bassist Phil Buckman’s local friends (He was born in Framingham!) which saw Patrick signing autographs from hungry fans and a perfect lead in to “Take A Picture”. Closing with the legendary “Hey Man Nice Shot”, Patrick ended the set by inviting fans to join him at the merch booth where he would sign anything and everything. Being a man of his word, he literally got off the stage and made his way to the table to a swarm of fans who no doubt are eagerly anticipating a Filter headlining set in the near future.

For now, you can catch Filter on Summerland here. If you wanna see them headline in your town, you check out and donate to the recently launched Indiegogo campaign here.

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