Spin Cycle

droneYou don’t have to spend money to get the latest album from local great Rob Potylo but after sampling it, you’d be a dick if you didn’t give a few dollars and cents to the cause. It’s short, it’s fun, and it’s perfect for the “Facebook Generation”.

From the start, Drone Alone is destined to be a shining ray of hope for our generation…okay, not really. “Doesn’t Really Matter” is a downer and a half and the future gets bleaker from here on out but it’s the journey that’s the fun part, right? If you’re still with me and Rob then you’re in for a good time. Recorded in a bedroom in Allston in a day LAST WEEK, Rob Potylo’s latest is pretty effing amazing.

Part comedy, part social commentary yet all fun, Potylo has also mastered the craft of “short attention span songwriting” with Drone… which features eleven tracks that barely pass two minutes. Seriously, the whole album will barely take up 25 minutes of your time and is so worth it. Did I mention it was recorded in a day? Stand outs include the aforementioned “Doesn’t Really Matter”, “Tumbling, Tumbling”, and “Sliver Lemon Haze”.

Drone Alone is out now. You can sample/purchase here.

Grade: A



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