reality-tv-american-idol-candice-vs-kree_1If we were to rank American Idol final twosomes in an eight twosome tournament, I think this is how I’d rank them.

1. Ruben and Clay
2. Carrie and Bo
3. Kelly and Justin
4. David and David
5. Fantasia and Diana
6. Kris and Adam
7. Jordin and Blake
8. Phillip and Jessica

That leaves out Taylor and Katherine, Scotty and Lauren, and Lee and Crystal.

Where would Candice Glover and Kree (Summer) Harrison rank? I think they could push out Phillip and Jessica for the 8th spot. Now, if it was Candice and Angie, they could’ve inched up higher, maybe bumping down Kris and Adam.

And there’s the flaw for the twelfth season of American Idol; Kree (Summer) Harrison.

I think it’s clear that Candice has been the best and most powerful singer all season. Kree started strong but has sucked the wind out of the season with how unhappy she looks performing. From the word go, I’ve said that she was talented, but had to work on her stage performance when it came to enjoying herself and showing more than one boring emotion. Angie Miller may have been pageant-y, but at least she looked like she enjoyed herself.

I’ve been calling Kree (Summer), Eeyore, the depressed donkey from Winnie The Pooh fame. That’s who she reminds me of. Maybe I should start calling her Kreeyore.

That’s where you went wrong America. The bubbly eighteen year old who doesn’t know that she should be nervous is much more enjoyable to watch than Kreeyore.

On the Wednesday’s finale, there were three rounds each. First, they would sing Simon Fuller’s choice and then sing their “single” if they were to win. Lastly, they would sing their favorite performance of the season.

Round One

Candice won the coin flip and had Kree go first. Kree won the coin toss and decided to go first, or if Tiffany’s source was right, allowed Candice to get her way of going second.

Let’s just say that Simon Fuller likes slow songs.

For Kree, he chose Angel. I don’t generally like covers of this song because Sarah McLachlan’s vocals are so fantastic on it, that every cover I’ve heard pales far in comparison. And this was no different. While Kree has a nice voice, she doesn’t have McLachlan’s freaky vocals and thus, it sounded very sleepy.

Candice wasn’t that much better. But she was still better. Simon chose Chasing Pavements for Candice. This was an odd choice. If Candice is a soul singer and you can choose any song, I think this one may have been about 1,293,909 on my list. Candice did a yeoman’s job on a song that she didn’t seem to be all that into singing.

Winner: Candice Glover

It wasn’t a knockout for Candice, but it would’ve still been a unanimous decision.

Round Two

When Ryno announced that Kree would be singing All Cried Out I was kind of excited and wondered if she would be performing the original Lisa Lisa version (with swoll Full Force) or the Allure version with 112. Sadly, it was neither and I lost interest. Kree didn’t necessarily bring the interest back. Both of her performances were generic and soulless. This is not the Kree that we liked from the beginning, but the Kree of the last month or so, aka Kreeyore.

Candice’s single won’t sell like Phillip Phillip’s Home. She performed I Am Beautiful, which wasn’t anything special, but her performance was just much more emotive, charismatic, and dynamic. I’m not buying either single, but in a battle of non-sellers, I think Candice’s performance was much better.

Winner: Candice Glover

This wasn’t a Mike Tyson-like knockout either, but Candice cruised to an easy, Floyd Mayweather type of decision.

Round Three

Kree’s version of Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) was a strong performance from the Vegas shows. But that’s when she had spunk and fire. While she performed it well again here, it was in a large shadow of Kelly Clarkson’s and Crystal Bowersox’s performances of the same song. But it was also in a large shadow because of Candice’s choice of I (Who Have Nothing). When I heard that she was performing that song, I didn’t even have to hear it. She was going to destroy Kree’s performance. And that she did.

I don’t know that I’ve paid that much attention before, but the crowd was very much on Candice’s side tonight. Will the voting audience be on the same side?

Winner: Candice Glover

This was Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks.

If Candice doesn’t win this thing, it’s an outright debacle. But it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

The most egregious one was when Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen. Crystal Bowersox losing to Lee DeWyze was nearly as bad. Let’s hope the voters don’t screw this one up. Candice should win and it should be the widest margin in American Idol voting history.

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