American Idol Season 12 Final 4Thank you America. Thank you for keeping Amber and sending Janelle home sweet home. The right four are left. That isn’t always the case with this show. But you can say that the four best singers are left to sing it out. It should be a fun few weeks.

Tonight, the themes were contestant’s choice and one-hit wonders.

Breaking down the performances

The judges were much more harsh this week than they were last week. And I think they’re starting to catch on with Kree. Now that she’s being overshadowed a bit, she has more of the boo-boo face as if she’s lost her smile. Her lack of energy in performances has been clear for weeks now and she’s been skating by because of her cool vibe and great voice. But man, the judges went HAM on her tonight.

Amber Holcomb
Amber opened the show singing Celine Dion’s Power Of Love. I’m usually one to roll my eyes at the Dion copycat performances, but it was good. She didn’t do anything exceptional with it, but she has the chops to sing it.

Duets were back this week and she out-shined Kree during their rendition of Rumour Has It.

Her second performance was the disco song MacArthur Park, which was great when it came to the actual singing, but I wonder who in the viewing audience really knew it? She takes chances and that counts for something. I really wonder if she can now win this competition. Her music style isn’t the kind that America usually chooses, but she’s received glowing marks from the judges who are usually very influential.

Candice Glover
Candice had one of her very few missteps with Drake’s droning Find Your Love. Whenever I think of Drake, I think of someone pandering and overly sensitive. To me, Candice is strong and powerful, so the message was mixed.

She and Angie tried to one-up each other in their duet with Rihanna’s Stay. They went toe-to-toe. Candice is the better singer, but Angie did okay to sort of hold her own.

She may have misstepped again with Emotion. She didn’t have a chance to really show off her pipes, but she was grooving. It was a mid-range Candice performance rather than a kick-ass Candice performance.

Kree (Summer) Harrison
Kree was downright yawn-inducing this week. Her first performance was of Just Won’t Burn and you couldn’t tell if she felt anything. Her energy was low and she was blasted by the judges.

With her second performance of A Whiter Shade of Pale, she tried redeeming herself. She did a much better job, but now when I see her, I see Eeyore, Winnie The Pooh’s depressed donkey friend. She looks defeated and it seems like the show is getting to her. I didn’t think she was good at all this week.

(How’s this for American Idol nerdy trivia? Elliott Yamin covered this song for his debut album. Why do I know that? Well, I do write about this show every week.)

Angie Miller
It’s possible that Angie won the week. She sat at the piano and performed Jesse J’s Who You Are. She was emotional, passionate, and it looked like she was into the song, rather than how she can sometime look, which is that she’s faking it to make it.

Her second performance was of Cry Me A River, and no, not the Justin Timberlake version. She did give us the beauty pageant face, but it wasn’t terrible because her singing was pretty on point.

Who goes home?

This is going to be an interesting vote. If you go by Wednesday night’s show, Candice and Kree (Summer) should be in the bottom two. Angie and Amber had the two best performances of the night, but then again, Amber has been in the bottom two before.

I’m going out on a limb and say that Amber stays one more week and Kree (Summer) goes. Instead of it being a Kree (Summer) and Candice final like we expected, it’s going to be Candice vs. Angie. We’re not getting rid of Angie.

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