American Idol Top 7

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I have three thoughts before we get into the performances for “Rock Week”.

1. I’ve mentioned the Lazaro tax before. It’s the price we’re paying for the American Idol producers hyping him so much as the “great story” during the auditions. And he was a great story. Still is. But he’s lost on an island out there. The judges are even grading him on a curve now, no matter how many times he forgets his lyrics. And I’m guessing the voting audience feels sorry for him. Are we still going to pay the Lazaro tax this week? Yes, I think so. I think he lasts until next week after this week’s average performance (which is a B on the Lazaro curve according to the judges.)

2. I’m so sick of the duets and group performances. I understand why they do them (an extra 30 minutes of ad time for Fox), but they are so worthless. The contestants are always talking about how little time they had to learn the song and some even forget their lyrics. So why is that for the better of this show? I’d look much more forward to this show if it was a quick hour than a long two hours.

3. I can’t decide who is my favorite, but it’s probably between Candice and Kree (Summer). But Amber is creeping up. Her stage presence is much better than either Canidce or Kree’s. She has an almost irrational confidence while performing. Candice is fierce. Kree is cool. But Amber feels the moment. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

Performances Of The Night

Candice, Kree (Summer), and Amber – that’s who.

I thought Angie performed well, and you notice I underlined the word performed. She did a fine performance of Bring Me to Life. But it didn’t feel original and the only time I really felt she was being real was when the wind machine nearly pushed her blouse up. She didn’t miss a beat while holding her shirt down. But it still feels like a little girl playing singer (very well) on American Idol to me.

Now back to Candice, Kree (Summer), and Amber.

My main issue with Candice is that she can be stiff on stage trying to sing the perfect vocal. Not tonight. She grooved down with some attitude singing (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. And she did so with a broken toe.

While I don’t see Kree (Summer) as stiff on stage, she gets by on being cool and I’m not sure if I can watch her same-same-y performance for more a couple songs in a row just yet. But in a competition where you have to sing no more than twice, I think she understands better than everyone else what she needs to do.

Amber, Amber, Amber. I don’t know that she’ll get enough votes to win this thing, but she’s raw and talented. She sang What About Love and owned the stage, maybe more so than anyone has this year so far.

Who Dropped The Ball?

Oh Burnell. Burnell performed You Give Love a Bad Name to open up the show. He was so uncomfortable that I thought he couldn’t see since he didn’t have his glasses on. He walked around the stage like he smelled something foul. He basically tried to cover Bon Jovi without changing anything, which was a mistake and a half. Since he went first, he was immediately forgettable and I have real fear for my dude.

I knew that Tiffany would compare Burnell’s performance to Blake Lewis. And yes, she tweeted me the video of Blake.

I don’t think Janelle necessarily dropped the ball. But she was definitely in the second tier of performances. I’d edge Angie slightly over her. But she was better than Lazero and Burnell.

Who Goes Home?

I hate to say it, but the dude who talks like Ma$e (with marbles in his mouth) is going home sweet home.

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