lbizkitreadytogoI was originally going to feature the upcoming releases from either Killswitch Engage or earthtone9 in these hallowed halls this week but seeing the announcement of the Everclear/Live/Sponge/Filter tour and a new Alice In Chains single on the way tomorrow I decided to talk about Limp Bizkit’s latest snafu in honor of the ’90’s. Have no fear, though, the KSE and e9 reviews will be popping up on the site sooner than you can say “I did it all for the Nookie!”.

So yeah, LB has a new song. It’s their first official release on their new label Cash Money from the upcoming Stampede of the Disco Elephants and it’s awful. It’s called “Ready To Go” and if the addition of Cash Money CEO Lil Wayne spittin’ some verses didn’t add insult to injury then the fact that it’s almost six minutes in length to boot should.

To be fair it’s pretty standard Bizkit-by-numbers with Fred Durst ranting about how rock is dead but c’mon guys, it’s 2013 fer chrissakes! The saving grace is the last minute and a half probably because it’s also the part with no vocals and is obviously something cooked up by Wes Borland which could easily have been a part of a recent Black Light Burns release. If you know me at all you know that I love Borland. BLB, The Damning Well, Bigdumbface….sign me up, I’m there! But on this, the one shining light of LB is mixed so far down that he’s not even a presence until the aforementioned outro.

Listen below if you dare.



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