On this free wheeling episode of Blerd Radio, Big Money is joined by author, pop culture critic, and all-around mensch Dave Smokler.

Topics covered include:

-“Oz the Great and Powerful”: Why’s everyone hating?

-The “Police Academy” 2014 reboot: will Steve Guttenberg come back?

-Bing is a viable search engine! Who needs Google? (don’t screw my computer up, Google)

Toe Thumb

Megan Fox’s thumb? Yeah, it’s kinda gross.

-Megan Fox’s “toe thumb”

-Big Money learns the term “Costanza Ring”

-Who is the “Alpha Baldwin?”

-We talk a little about the lost Blerd Radio podcast with Jesse, and his gift of Dale Jr. potato chips.

-How many people have to be in a sexual scenario before it can be called an orgy?

and a bit of racial politics are thrown in there as well (for the record, Big Money is black and Dave is Jewish…so don’t come after us!)

Download the podcast here.

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