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New Kids Remix (I Like The)

We give a lot of love to the New Kids On The Block on this website. Like, a lot of love. The main reason is because of two people – lead editor and creator of this website Big Money Mike and me. We grew up in a time when they were on top of the world and even though it was the 10-14 year old girls who made them famous, I always dug their sound. I’m sure Arsenio Hall embracing them at the time helped. I’m sure my little sister playing their music throughout the house helped too. It must’ve been pop hypnosis.

What I also liked about them was their insistance to prove that they were not just a fad and that they could last. They proved they could sing live on Arsenio when people were questioning them. Okay, maybe a few of them proved they could sing live. When their run at the top was over, they put out their best album to date, Face The Music and carried on. They then went their separate ways. A couple of them went solo. Donnie made it in Hollywood. And when it was time to get the group back together, they did. They’re grinders.

A friend came up to me yesterday and asked me if they were still doing music. He didn’t ask it in as much of a sincere way as he did in a ,”Really?” way. I told him about the new album and about the new tour. We joked about “The Package”. Yes, the New Kids are still kicking.

Today, the video for their first single on their new album dropped. “Remix (I Like The)” is not your normal New Kids’ recipe. Jordan and Joe don’t sing lead. It’s all Donnie. Jon and Danny’s mics were probably turned off too. The song is about a wallflower who blossoms. The video isn’t ground breaking. It’s just fun. (And watch out for the gratuitious package shot at 53 seconds in. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.)

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