3826579899-1In its’ third incarnation, Zozobra is essentially Cave In minus Stephen Brodsky and with bassist Caleb Scofield at the mic once again, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be absolutely brutal and visceral. From “Black Holes”, the first offering from Savage Masters (Due in April), it seems that Scofield is taking a cue from the heavier aspects of the latest Cave In and Old Man Gloom releases and just going for it full force. Guitarist Adam McGrath absolutely shreds and adds some vocal shrieks to counter Scofield’s menacing growl. Meanwhile, drummer JR Conners effortlessly wails away for two minutes straight ading thunderous fills throughout.

Oh, and did I mention that this all happens in the span of two minutes? Because it does. If there’s as much awesome contained within the rest of Savage Masters as there is here on “Black Holes” then fans are really in for a treat come April.

 Savage Masters will be released on April 2nd through Brutal Panda Records. Head here and here for some sweet pre-order packages or get a digital copy over on Bandcamp. But in the meantime, listen to first single “Black Holes” below.



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