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7823880851KMFDM is the AC/DC of industrial metal and before you jump on me for that comment, know that it is meant as a compliment, not an insult. They do what they do and they do it really, really well. On their latest, KUNST, KMFDM is doin’ it again and better than ever before. Since 2011’s WTF?!, KMFDM has seemed to be even more incensed and reinvigorated and that feeling carries over into KUNST beginning with the tongue-in-cheek title track comprised solely of old song titles and a refrain that’s sure to excite longtime fans (“Kill Mother Fuckin’ Depeche Mode!”).

“Ave Maria” has the techno pomp out in full effect with a Manson-esque “The Beautiful People” style guitar chug laying the foundation (And let’s be honest, where do you think Marilyn got the idea for that to begin with?) while “Hello” is another great surprise in the KMFDM arsenal as Lucia’s sultry voice eases listeners into a state of comfort until the fireworks begin. Elsewhere, “Pussy Riot” is an angry ode to the group of the same name as Cifarelli brings the girl power and attitude while Sascha reaches into the KMFDM vaults and brings back some “Terror” lyrics to give them new meaning.

Closing out the fun is the one-two punch of “The Mess You Made” and “I <3 Not”. The former is a six minute plus cyber assault featuring Morlocks while Kap’n K leads closer “I <3 Not”, a sinister love song that’s perfect for that mixtape you’re trying to finish for your sweetheart but just can’t quite seem to find a fitting coda.

The best thing about KUNST is how soaked in nostalgia it seems to be yet still keeping a firm foot in the 22nd Century. Whether it’s the cheeky title track or Morlocks channeling En Esch during the breakdown of “The Mess You Made” or Sascha’s nods to Raymond Watts on “Pussy Riot”, KUNST may take some side trips to the past but never takes its eyes off the future. Can you believe this band is almost 30 years old?

KUNST is available through Metropolis Records on February 26th. Buy it here.

Grade: A+

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