Years back there was a woman in Brooklyn, NY who gave birth to a baby boy. As he grew, he developed a particular set of skills that made him a nightmare to his peers. His confidence made him soar above expectations. With his chosen weapon in hand he would shoot for the stars and most times hit his target.  As a matter of fact, he became one of the greatest marksmen of all times.  What made him so great was that throughout his entire career, he would simply show up. His name is Michael Jordan.

Who doesn’t recognize the Jordan brand? Whether you were around to watch him during his career or part of the generation, who stands in line when his latest sneakers go on sale, you know his name. Why? Because he made it his business to appear wherever he felt it would make him greater.

Although he had commercials which inspired people to follow in his footsteps chanting “if I could be like Mike”, it is not a reality that you are going to become the next Michael Jordan. That is ‘his’ legacy. However, I am sure Lebron James tolerates being himself; therefore so can you.

To try and then fail is one thing. To never show up for the challenge is another. Don’t get caught asking yourself why you didn’t make that investment in you.

Missed opportunities, by choice, are the worst. Whatever stopped you from crossing the finish line should have been life threatening; otherwise there is no excuse. I, myself, am guilty of it so I’m only speaking from experience.

Ever wanted something that was within your reach which would probably change your life, boost your morale, or even just make you feel like you’re progressing and then you just dropped the ball when it was passed to you? Were your eyes not open? Did you look the other way?

Keep it up…soon you’ll see the pattern and realize that nothing happens for you until you decide to show up.

Then you have to learn how to live with regrets.

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