It’s with great sadness that we at Popblerd announce that, as foretold by the Mayan, Roland Emmerich, John Cusack, and at least one episode of the Montell Williams Show, the world will be ending tomorrow. We hope you didn’t make big plans this weekend!

While we don’t know what timezone the ancient Mayans used in their predictions, we’re going to assume it’s Eastern Standard, also known as God’s timezone. That gives you a little less than a day to get ready. If you haven’t been stockpiling in your panic shelter by now, that means it’s too late. Sorry.

But don’t be sad! Because the Popblerd team is here to help. We’ve assembled the ultimate soundtrack for the end of the world, a mix of rockers, soulful ballads, and that one REM song that obviously had to be included. So go purchase the most expensive stereo you can find (and a stockpile of strong booze) with a high-interest credit card, invite your friends (and that cute neighbor) over, and crank these jams! Because there are no consequences during Armaggedon!*

* In the unlikely account there is no apocalypse, Popblerd will not be held responsible for any financial ruin and/or unwanted children caused by this advice.


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