I have a new name for CeCe Frey. Okay, I have two names. She’s either Lady Sanjaya or she’s The Girl Who Lived. Because if this were anything other than a popularity contest, she would’ve been gone a long time ago.

Poor Paige Thomas and Vino Alan. Vino goes from being in the top three to all the way to out of the competition. I can see why the mentors took Diamond White. They think they can sell her to the teeny bopper audience. But that’s such a fickle audience.

Also, this is another double elimination week. And no one has given us any reason as to why. The show doesn’t look to be doing terribly in the ratings. Do they want to end it that quickly?

Before we get to the show, we need to discuss Demi Lovato’s eye brows. I love to crack about them on Twitter and low and behold, one of the many Twitter accounts about Demi’s eye brows started to follow me. So shout out to @Demis_Eye_Brows.

She was off her rocker tonight. She was rude to acts, rude to Simon, and she just seemed to want to be negative to be different. It’s okay. The eye brows still rule. Check out the eye brow revolution.

Performances Of The Night

Now that each act is singing twice, it’s more about the entire package than the single performance, unless one performance is absolutely sensational or terrible.

If you were to ask who won the night, it would be Carly Rose Sonenclar and I’m not sure second place is really that close. She took a fairly annoying Justin Bieber song, put her thang on it and turned it into a damn classic. She then took a highly annoying Beyonce song and put her thang on it again. She’s becoming the one person on the show that stops you in your tracks. When she sings, you don’t use the restroom. You get off your iPad and you just watch.

Emblem3 was as close as you could get to Carly who has morphed into the younger version of the “Vision Of Love” Mariah. Their first performance was best, flipping Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” like it was an MTV Unplugged performance. I didn’t like “Forever Young” as much, but it was still better than most performances on what was sort of a boring show.

Were There Any Duds?

If I’m being honest (Simon voice), I thought Tate Stevens’ performance of Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” was the single most boring performance since Willie Jones. My bad. I shouldn’t be picking on Willie. There is a specific high spot in that song that everyone enjoys and he skipped it. He wussed out on it badly.

So yes, CeCe didn’t have the worst performance of the night for once. Actually, she was just there tonight. I didn’t have any strong feelings for her positively or negatively. Did she suck? Yes. Was she absolutely terrible like before? No. I think I enjoy her better when she’s terrible than when she’s just bad. When she’s bad, she’s boring. And the only thing about her that I like is that she’s usually entertaining. That was not the case tonight.

Who Improved Their Stock?

Diamond White is an interesting one. She’s clearly improving and she’s taking way more chances. Britney is doing a better job picking songs for her so she doesn’t get too predictable. I think that’s going to work for her. Fifth Harmony and Tate received much worse feedback than she did. I think she sneaks into the top four.

Who Hurt Themselves?

I think Tate Stevens hurt himself. His voting numbers have been tremendously strong so I don’t expect him to fall so far, but I said the same thing about Vino last week and he was on skid row by Thursday night. I haven’t really liked him myself since the first two weeks and I’d be fine if he wasn’t here next week.

My Fifth Harmony girls are getting a bit complacent and I think there’s a good chance they may go home tomorrow. LA Reid likes picking on them. He actually picks on them more than he picks on CeCe.

Who Goes Home?

I think I’ve predicted CeCe to go home just about every week. Maybe by picking Lady Sanjaya, I’m jinxing everyone else? But I can’t stop (won’t stop – P. Diddy voice). I think it will be CeCe and Fifth Harmony going home, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Tate went home.

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