We’ve spilled a fair amount of ink about Brooklyn emcee Soul Khan on these here pages, and with good reason: 1. Khan’s commanding baritone and back-to-basics mentality informs some agreeably pure hip-hop, complete with sprightly, head-nodding beats and exuberant choruses, and 2. Khan, never a man to disappoint his loyal and vocal fanbase, makes a lot of this hip-hop free, which means that you can investigate it all with minimal investment. “Not Like That” is a standout from his freeĀ Wellstone EP, and with that melodic, Prince Paul-esque loop and perennial hookman Akie Burmess’s warm, gregarious chorus, it’s a corker. (Bonus: In an era where wildly inappropriate rape comments tumble out of the lips of politicians on the daily, Soul Khan’s got some words for the dunderheaded misogynists that crowd his beloved genre, and that’s pretty awesome too.) Check out the spankin’-new (also, funny) video for “Not Like That” below.


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