I did something uncommon last week; I went on vacation. I know that might seem like an effortless task for most of you but I am a workaholic. I rarely get time for myself outside of work. Out of all places, it was Las Vegas. You know the motto: “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” Well something that happened in Vegas followed me home.

Somewhere between looking at all of the bright lights and drinking alcohol through an approximately 18 inch straw from a bottle that was a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower, I began to see life differently. I wanted more for my life than what I had before I got on that plane from New York. Even after the buzz wore off, I still felt the same way. There was some kind of attraction I had to see the tourists shop, couples bonding, money spent without worries, etc…no one was worried about their day jobs. Even those employed in Vegas were not looking at their jobs as jobs. Why did I not feel that way at home? I needed this break.

So after my trip had ended, I dreaded the thought of returning to work. I felt myself wanting to get other things done. Effortlessly I began looking for a new place to live, updating my resume, tying up loose ends on my side jobs, and looking at the bigger picture.

When Monday came around the first thing I see on my work Blackberry was an issue that should have been resolved while I was away. My first thoughts consisted of every curse word known to man. After I calmed down, I reminded myself that I had bigger plans and work should be emotionless. My first day back would have been a day in hell if I had returned with the same mindset that I left with. However, everything was ok. I let all of the b.s. roll off of me.

I’m not afraid to take certain leaps anymore even though I have to be consciously aware of strategic vs. impulsive movement; but overall it is a great feeling. I have a new healthy selfish attitude that I can’t really explain but I know it was needed. We all know that people always jump for the opportunity to get anything free. Well get your free spirit while you can and use the hell out of it.

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