Companies like Kickstarter and Pledgemusic have been fantastic ways for artists to drum up support for their upcoming releases without needing a label’s involvement. This seems to work best for artists who have a previously established fanbase. I’ve contributed to several of these projects over the past year, including albums by Ben Folds Five, Marshall Crenshaw, Esthero and Corey Glover.

Singer/songwriter Bleu McAuley is the first artist I can think of who has gone the fan-funded route for multiple albums. Although his first album (2003’s Redhead) was released through Columbia Records, Bleu has since eschewed the major-label framework. This has not lessened the quality of his music (A Watched Pot and Four are essentials for those who dig power pop) nor has it decreased his bankroll. Bleu has had a very successful side career co-writing songs for the likes of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

So—Bleu has a new album coming out entitled To Hell With You, and he has once again taken to Pledgemusic to fund the album. He’s already reached his goal, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute! Click on this here link to preview a couple of songs from the album, and click on that there link to visit Bleu’s pledge page and see a list of the very cool things you can get if you donate!

Finally, you might want to check out BleuSical, quite possibly the best video ever produced to advertise a fan-funded music project in history. Bleu is joined by a cast of hundreds quite a few people, including some of my favorite singer/songwriters like David Mead and Dan Wilson. What I wouldn’t do to get those three guys to tour together. At any rate, this video will probably be the coolest thing you see all day-so check it out!


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