Big Money is joined on this podcast by GG (on Twitter @roheblius) and Carletta (@alovedlife.) On this pre-Thanksgiving podcast, the three discuss their favorite albums of the year and Popblerd’s Top 100 rap albums list.

-Big Money and GG rep hard for John Mayer’s Born And Raised. Carletta is nonplussed. However, she does love Red, the new album by former John Mayer love interest Taylor Swift.

-This spins off into a discussion of Taylor Swift’s music, and whether she gets into relationships just so she has something to write songs about afterwards.

Some choices on the hip-hop list provide a great deal of consternation and righteous indignation.

-Carletta and GG vigorously defends Jay-Z

-Up for discussion: whether LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out is a better/more important album than any of Jay-Z’s albums (also: is the Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill better/more important album than any of Jay-Z’s albums.

Also up for discussion…the recent American Music Awards (hot mess,) whether the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce are artists or just pop stars, whether John Mayer gets a fair shake (as well as a hilarious story about JM playing basketball,) the death of Mariah Carey’s career, and, of course, Thanksgiving and Black Friday plans.

(and…sorry about the abrupt intro…the intro music will (hopefully) be back in the next episode!!

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