What a 2012 for fans of the Cavalera family. At the beginning of the year is the latest from Soulfly and at the tail end is the sophomore release from Incite featuring Max’s stepson Richie (Who has guested on a number of Soulfly tracks over the years). At times sporting a thrash sound easily reminiscent of Chaos A.D.-era Sepultura with a modern sonic barrage close to Soulfly, Incite still manage to forge their own path on their latest, All Out War.

Whether it’s the pummeling brutality of “The Aftermath”, the vicious riffing of “4ever Loko”, or the Dimebag inspired shredding on “Feel The Flames”, the one constant factor throughout All Out War is that Incite know metal. Cavalera brings an unbridled ferocity to every song keeping the tone consistently heavy leaving listeners no chance to catch their breath.

Truly an album that dials it to “11” on each track, songs like “Die Alone” and “Exposed” are music to moshers ears while elsewhere, a song like closer “Deaparture” slows the tempo a bit but ups the intensity thanks again to the delivery of Cavalera coupled with the Metallica meets Gojira (Frequent Gojira producer/former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader even produced All Out War) sized riffs that guitarist Gene Macazan lays down. Undoubtedly one of the heaviest releases of 2012, Incite is only going to get bigger and better from here. Check ’em out so you can say you were there when the fire was lit.

All Out War is out November 20th through minus HEAD Records.

Grade: A

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